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Explore Panama from the Sky: Helicopter Charters Panama


Did you know booking a helicopter tour in Panama by June 15th gets you a 5% off? Our Panama Helicopter Adventures are something you shouldn’t miss. At Blue Skies Panama, we start tours right at the Panama City airport. It’s the perfect way to begin an aerial journey over this vibrant country.

See the JW Marriott’s beauty and Casco Viejo’s historic streets from above. Marvel at the Rio Chagres and the Caribbean coast’s stunning views. Our deluxe helicopter rides offer a special view of Panama’s wonder. You’ll fly in top-notch, maintained helicopters with skilled pilots.

We have short 30-minute tours or longer ones, fitting all’s needs. Imagine seeing the Panama Canal’s wonders or vast green landscapes. Every tour with Blue Skies Panama is sure to leave you in awe.

Why not book now and see Panama from an extraordinary angle? Our deluxe helicopter tours are ready to provide an experience of a lifetime.

Discover the Beauty of Panama with Helicopter Charters

Get ready to see Panama like never before with our helicopter charters. We offer amazing deluxe aerial sightseeing and panoramic views for every traveler. It’s a thrilling experience above amazing cultural spots and landscapes.

Our flights cover stunning places like the Centenario Bridge and the Amador Causeway. Plus, we fly over beautiful beaches in Vera Cruz. You’ll see Panama’s beauty from a whole new angle.

History lovers can take a flight to the San Lorenzo Fort. Those who cherish nature will love flying over Gamboa Lake. And for city lovers, we have flights over downtown Panama’s skyscrapers and busy streets.

Flying with us shows you Panama’s rich mix of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. We welcome both serious photographers and those looking to relax. Each flight promises unforgettable views.

We also have private jet charters for a complete adventure high above Panama. Join us and get ready to explore Panama’s wonders from a bird’s eye view.

Why Choose Blue Skies Panama for Your Aerial Adventure?

Blue Skies Panama leads in executive aviation and air taxi services in Panama. We focus on offering more than just flights. Each aerial journey is an exclusive adventure. Safety is our top priority. Our planes are regularly checked by skilled experts to ensure safety.

Our pilots are highly skilled and prioritize customer service. They use their vast experience to make your trip safe and unforgettable. With a strong safety culture, your flight over Panama is guaranteed to be secure.

Opting for Blue Skies Panama means choosing a partner focused on your safety and enjoyment. Our top-notch planes and crew ensure your comfort. We stand out in executive aviation and air taxi services. Fly over Panama and experience the best, knowing that we keep safety as our main concern.

Options for Every Traveler: From Quick Tours to Extended Flights

Blue Skies Panama is proud to offer personalized flying experiences. We tailor these to suit each traveler’s unique interests and time. You can choose from short discovery flights to see Panama’s beautiful landscapes quickly. Or, opt for extended tours to delve into topographical and cultural riches.

Our tailored helicopter tours let you witness Panama’s iconic sites and hidden treasures. We ensure you enjoy luxurious comfort and stunning views.

For a more immersive experience, explore tours like visiting the Embera tribe and Charges Tour. They offer deep insights into Panama’s culture. Don’t miss our night flights, a rare adventure travel option to see Panama’s beauty at night.

Whether it’s a short Panama sightseeing trip or an in-depth exploration, Blue Skies Panama ensures a perfect adventure. Come with us for a unique journey and explore Panama in a whole new way!

Affordable Private Flights: Luxury Travel on a Budget

Make your dream of luxury travel come true with Blue Skies Panama. We’re experts in offering affordable private flights. You’ll get to experience first-rate air travel without the usual big price.

Chartering a private jet often costs more than $11,000 for just one hour. But with our options, like Delta Private Jets or Vaunt, you can fly cheaper. For example, Vaunt only charges $1,000 a year for membership. Their flights start at $10,000.

We promise to keep air travel affordable without skimping on luxury. Choose KinectAir for U.S. and Canadian flights to small airports. Or, pick from our own well-cared-for planes for a more personal experience. You’ll always get great service and luxury with us.

With KinectAir, flying private is easy and fast. A flight from Boise to Meridian starts at $3600. It only takes under five minutes to board. Plus, you can bring friends or enjoy extra space at no extra charge.

Your Personalized Flying Experience Awaiting in Panama

Step aboard one of our Blue Skies Panama helicopters for a unique flight. This flight will be tailor-made just for you. Our flights offer exclusive views, turning any journey into an exceptional personal experience.

We start our journeys from key Panama City airports. These include Marcos A Gelabert, Howard/Panama Pacifico, and Tocumen International. Our flights are ready to take you on an adventure right when you are.

Are you marking a special moment or have a keen interest in something? Our specialized aviation services have you covered. For between $1,700 and $1,800 an hour, our helicopters can give you a grand view of Panama. You can explore iconic places like the Panama Canal and Gamboa Lake. Enjoy a luxurious flight, no matter the group size or occasion.

With us, you can plan every detail of your journey. You choose the length, the sights, and the stops along the way. Exploring Panama by air is now more within reach, thanks to better prices in 2023. Now, more than 30% of private jet charters have more affordable options. With savings of up to 75%, you can unlock a new level of luxury air travel. Let Blue Skies Panama be your partner in discovering Panama’s beauty from above.