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Exclusive Aviation Services: Elevate Your Flying Experience


FlyExclusive has quickly grown to be one of America’s top five private jet operators. It’s done so in just over seven years. This growth comes with triple-digit membership gains and a 94% stay rate for current clients. It shows how Exclusive Aviation Services have changed luxury private air travel.

At Exclusive Aviation Services, we focus on creating unique flying experiences just for you. Our aim is to deliver unmatched service. We use luxurious private jets and top-notch flight concierge services to ensure your flight is sophisticated from booking to arrival.

Choosing us means entering a world where comfort, privacy, and bespoke care are the norm. Our modern fleet offers an outstanding journey for any reason, business or pleasure. Our expert flight concierge handles every trip detail. This ensures your experience matches our brand’s high standard.

In an industry where only 5% have the ARG/US and Wyvern seal, we are among those few. We are proud to provide peak safety and dependability. Your safety and satisfaction are our main concerns. Every flight we make goes above and beyond the set regulations.

Why Choose Exclusive Aviation Services for Your Travels

Traveling by air is always special, especially with on-demand services. Exclusive Aviation Services provides top-notch aviation solutions. Our services are tailor-made for you, whether it’s a business trip or a family getaway. We make sure every aspect is perfect, down to the smallest detail.

Our services are all about flexibility and making travel your own. You can pick your favorite meals and entertainment. Plus, you can bring your pets. Say goodbye to long airport lines and hello to a smooth, easy start to your trip.

Safety is our first concern. We follow strict safety guidelines set by the FAA. With our group charters, we handle everything from last-minute hotels to limos and show tickets. We aim to make your journey as easy and unforgettable as possible.

Our private charters offer a level of privacy and comfort that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re flying solo or with a team, you can enjoy the trip as you like. Use the time for business, or just unwind. These journeys are all about you and what you need.

Then, there’s the efficiency of flying with us. Private jets can soar higher and choose the best routes. For example, a trip from San Antonio to Las Vegas only takes two hours with us. That’s more than twice as fast as a commercial flight.

Choosing us guarantees a lavish, personalized travel experience. Our focus is on meeting your needs in every way, from start to finish. Safety, privacy, and time saved are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy with us. We make sure your journey is exceptional in every way.

Premium Air Charter: The Epitome of Luxury and Convenience

Choosing premium air charter gives you top-notch comfort and service. You can pick VIP jet hire or rent a whole plane. This lets you pick your travel times, where you go, and who comes with you. Your journey is not only private but runs smoothly every step of the way.

GlobeAir leads in Europe with its private jet services. Booking is easy and quick, taking just a minute. They also offer a concierge and a program for frequent travelers. Boarding only takes 15 minutes and you can reach 984 spots others can’t. Their 24/7 support ensures you’re looked after any time.

During the COVID-19 crisis, more people turned to jet charters for safe, private travel. For those needing special flights, Fliteline steps in. They handle big or unique cargo and emergency missions. Fliteline’s leasing helps new aviation companies or in urgent cases. This shows the diverse support premium air charters can give.

Personalized Air Transportation: Custom Solutions for Every Journey

At Exclusive Aviation Services, we know that every traveler is unique. That’s why our personalized air transportation meets your specific needs. Whether it’s a fast site visit or a big event, our custom aviation solutions make sure every part fits your wishes.

Think about trying our top choices like the Beechcraft King Air 350 tours. They start at $2,799 per person in Arizona for groups of four to eight passengers. it’s more than just a flight; it’s about designing an experience that matches your travel dreams. For those who love sports, our Vikings Game package provides an easy way to get to an event at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. It’s priced at just $499 per person, with a quick return flight the same night to avoid extra costs like parking and hotels.

Our personalized aviation also helps with professional demands. For example, the Fly-In Doctors and Nurses service supports small towns by transporting healthcare pros to local spots as needed. Business travelers can enjoy our Omaha Business Meeting package. Starting at $899 per person, it lets you go to a meeting and return home on the same day, fostering a strong work-life balance.

Don’t forget about our Premium Air Freight services. They provide quick bookings, 24/7 tracking, and custom care. This full suite of bespoke aviation services caters to your busy timeframes. Include our options for fast cargo via charter services, and the ability to go anywhere from turboprops to the huge AN124, our services promise you’ll always have a perfect fit for your travels.

Choosing Exclusive Aviation Services means embracing a travel style that is uniquely yours. We offer private flights for individuals, officials, and business leaders, as well as evacuation flights in emergencies. We’re committed to delivering carefully tailored solutions that offer a whole new level of personal air travel.

Discover the Elite Flight Concierge Experience

At GlobeAir, we redefine travel style with luxurious private jets. Our elite flight concierge ensures every detail is perfect. You’ll experience unmatched convenience and comfort on every flight.

We provide various catering options from Standard to Gourmet meals. Vegan and special dietary needs are also taken care of. This ensures everyone enjoys a delicious meal in the sky.

Our premium air charter services extend to ground transportation. You can choose from Executive Vehicles, Limousines, SUVs, and Helicopters for transfers. This makes your travel experience cohesive and stress-free.

Access private villas, hotels, and exclusive yacht charters at great rates. Find VIP access to Disneyland® Paris, luxury ski trips, and more in our seasonal offers. We cater to those seeking exceptional luxury travel experiences.

Through our partnership with Air Canada, we offer personalized services at over 40 airports. These services include ticketing, upgrades, and more, with 24/7 support. Our skilled Concierge agents ensure your every need is taken care of.

Join us to experience travel transformed into effortless luxury. With unmatched service and attention to detail, GlobeAir offers a journey like no other.

Blue Skies Panama: Your Exclusive Partner in Panamanian Aviation

Welcome to the heart of Panamanian aviation at Blue Skies Panama. We offer custom charter flights from Panama City to Bocas del Toro. Choosing us means enjoying top-notch comfort and convenience not found on commercial flights.

Your journey starts at Albrook “Marcos A. Gelabert” International Airport. It’s a key spot for getting to Bocas del Toro. Our flights are known for their private, comfortable, and flexible travel. We stand out in the world of Panamanian aviation because of these features.

When you arrive at BOC (Bocas del Toro “Isla ColĂłn” International Airport), you’ll find a smooth check-in process and a luxurious lounge. Our team takes special care of your bags. Plus, we offer personalized services to make your trip memorable and easy.

Discover the beauty of Bocas del Toro with us. Stay in a water villa with a private pool or a locally made bamboo treehouse. Enjoy fresh, tasty meals at our restaurants, The Elephant House and The Coral Café. With activities like snorkeling and kayaking, your journey continues on the ground. Let Blue Skies Panama be your guide to luxury aviation in Panama.